Our Team

Matt Ley | Lead Consultant & Coach

Both my work and life paths are what one might call "circuitous".  Claiming 11 addresses by the time I graduated high school, mainly from my dad's call as a minister, I learned early on that (1) people are fascinating wherever they are and (2) integrating into a new surrounding requires the skill of active listening. This fascination with people and hearing their stories led me to pursue a degree in Religious Studies at UW-Madison (where I went mainly to play Ultimate Frisbee).  Here my fascination with people grew to encompass the structures they inhabit.

I then took the natural next step of working in my friend's tech start up as a software engineer designing industrial applications. Yet the call to work on behalf of people finally called me after a few years to follow in my dad's footsteps and attend seminary. After completing my studies and spending time working in a few national level positions on behalf of the church in social justice and disaster response communications, I decided to take a turn in corporate America. Working for a medium-sized medical supply company I spent time in Purchasing, Supply Chain and Sales Operations, picking up an MBA and a few certifications along the way.

After our third child was born in 2018 I found myself reflecting back on my career and forward into what I wanted our family's life to look like. I realized  what has been my consistent passion in life and business was a drive to alleviate anxiety and increase fulfillment for people and  organizations. I had seen time and again how stress and lack of clarity/direction can lead people to exhaust their willpower at the office, especially during times of change, leaving little energy for their lives outside the office and also for helping move their business forward. While this is manageable in small doses it is not sustainable over time, for the individual or the organization. So I decided to step into the world of consulting and coaching with the intended purpose of helping individuals and companies address these situations. My goal is to spend more time with family, engage in work I find fulfilling every day and pay it forward.


BA - UW Madison   |   M. Div. - LSTC   |  MBA - DePaul

Core Energy Coaching   |   EQ-i 2.0   |   CCI   |   PMP   |   Lean   |   CSSGB   |   CPIM   |   OCEB - Fundamentals

Amanda Ley | Coach

I have been in the real estate industry for 20 years working for Chicago Title Insurance Company and one of its agent’s as an escrow officer. I spent the majority of this time handling multi-million-dollar commercial transactions on properties nationwide from my office in downtown Chicago. Over this period, I worked with bankers, attorneys and their clients to "close the deal." It was fast-paced, intense and rewarding albeit exhausting work. In 2016, I transitioned to an office in the suburbs of Chicago working mainly on residential transactions to lessen the time away from family. This gave me the opportunity to share the moment when people complete the biggest purchase (or sale) of their lives which for many is a moment of joy, relief and excitement as they start a new chapter in their life. I have truly enjoyed working with people under these typically stressful circumstances, bringing a calming presence that is much needed to the situation.

When I paused to reflect on my career thus far, I recognized that I could do without the breakneck pace of real estate closings but not my passion for interacting with people as they experience change and challenge in their lives. In my role as lead generator, I’m excited to leverage my strong work ethic, empathy and enjoyment of people as we work with clients to uncover their opportunities and achieve their goals.